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EN 1149-5:2018
EN 469:2020 X2 Y2 Z2 reflective striping R1

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Nomex NXT


X-Treme® light


The TEXPORT® Triple Fabric® is a textile reflective stripe that is made from fabric and therefore is extremely breathable and more durable. The reflective, silverstripe material composition, patented by 3M*, adheres very well to the structure of the soft fabric. In addition, the TEXPORT® Triple Fabric® is abraded less severely through wear and washing.

The wicking barrier is permanently waterproof, breathable and wash-resistant. That means even after many uses and washes, the clothing’s lining remains completely dry thanks to the GORE-TEX barrier, as no more moisture can enter through the seams.

The TEXPORT® Ergopad® is a cushioned, ergonomically preformed knee pad that fits the knee in every place and avoids creating pressure marks. It is flame-resistant and does not become saturated with water, in contrast to the aramid non-woven padding, so that the trousers dry much more quickly after washing.


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